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Chapter 2

The night was dark, the darkest of nights. The one that is so inky black that you could slap your face with your own hand if you are not careful. Magdalena wasn’t scared of the dark. In fact she wasn’t scared of much in this world. Her body has resisted abuse, and her mind has […]

Chapter 1

It was a time of change. The poor were hungry and lazy, dependent on the government. The government was lazy dependent on the poor’s need for assurance. The rich were greedy, dependent on the bribed government . The time called for sweat,bread, and blood. War was a given, because only war can bring peace to a nation. And  this nation was […]

Prologue Out of the Dragon’s Den and Into the Lion’s Mouth   It all began with a scream, a woman’s scream. The scream was so loud and so full of pain, that the people who heard it mentally covered their ears, so they could block the pain of this woman. The doctor attending this woman […]