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Woah there I’m Back?

I can’t believe I am updating. Hope any of my followers don’t hate me. My life got really dark and depressing and I just couldn’t think of anything except my suckish classes and my almost failing grades. But I have some updates! *drum roll please* First of all I have a YouTube Channel, just search […]

Chapter Three: The Lone Muskeeteer

I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die… Magdalena’s mind whispers over and over again until her mind is blank with nothing but those words. The night is still dark and the sounds outside get stronger and stronger, as if the person no longer cared about being quiet […]

Title Optional

I realize that I have been MIA for awhile (For some reason I don’t like writing or saying MiA because I think I am disrespecting those people or soldiers that are actually MIA) but that’s the only term I can think of right now. I now I said that I would be writing less, I […]

That Awkward Conversation I had

I had an awkward conversation with a friend yesterday. I was feeling abandoned, and unwanted. Which is still no reason to treat a friend the way I did, but my friend also had no excuse to ignore me the way he did. Usually I am a lot more forgiving. I forgive and forget a lot […]

A Moment of Weakness

Today I drove two hours to my dorm. It was a very relaxing ride and I enjoyed trying to be a character like in the Fast and the Furious. But now that I am home, putting everything back in its place, I can’t help but feel lonely. So alone and sad. I need somebody to […]

Irrational Anger

Sometimes you just feel like punching something, better yet someone. Now I am not saying violence is OK   because it is not. But sometimes it is normal and OK to feel anger and even feel like taking your anger out on something. I myself have felt this a few times in my life. I say few because this […]

A Place Called Heaven

Little Matilda held back her tears as the flash of the camera went off. Her father’s hand felt warm and reassuring, something she did not feel at the moment. Holding her father’ other hand was her big brother, Brian. He looks sternly at the camera, the same look a wrinkled old man would give to […]