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Vegetarian with a Chocolate Addiction

Vegetarian. Every time I tell my friends and family members I have gone into the dark side and become a vegetarian they shudder with disgust. Growing up in a diet of rice, beans, and all kinds of meats, most of them in a thick sauce or fried; I understand why they would find it hard […]

When You watch a show and…

So today I was watching this show which shows(good use of a word right there) how elite chooses their models through this contest. And during the commercial breaks I would find myself walking like a model, and posing, and having what Tyra likes to call “Fierce Eyes” thing on my look. And I figured that […]

To Lose Communication does not Equal the End of the World

I know I haven’t written anything in awhile. Life happens. I am happy to say that the person which I wrote my previous and most angry post about is officially considered just somebody I know. I gave way too much attention and time to that friendship, to not receive even a call. So I decided […]

Dark Night Turns into Morning

Dark Night Turns into Morning.

Quote of the Day

Because before the start began, I always saw the end Marina and the Diamonds “Starring Role”

A Little Moment

Today we were talking on the phone, and I realized that this might be the beginning of the end for us. And I felt sad, because I really tried to be a good friend, but I always end up being this annoying person. And I am sorry for that. Sorry that I feel it’s not […]

Living on Your Own

It’s been a few months since I moved away from home and began living the university life with two other┬ároommates. ┬áI could not wait to get away from home, and the new dorm seemed really nice. Nothing like playing barbie in your own little barbie house ehh? Decorating however you want it, and not having […]