Woah there I’m Back?

I can’t believe I am updating. Hope any of my followers don’t hate me. My life got really dark and depressing and I just couldn’t think of anything except my suckish classes and my almost failing grades.
But I have some updates! *drum roll please*
First of all I have a YouTube Channel, just search luenisse. You WILL find me.
Subscribe if you want. Although I must warn you guys, we don’t have cookies there.
I’ve hurt my tailbone ice skating. Now I’m sitting in an invalid pillow until it heals. And I carry it everywhere. That is so going to help the being single thing.
Nothing sexier than a woman walking around with an inflated toiled seat eh?
And that is all that is going on in my amazing life.
I should probably copy some of my uni work here, let’s not waste great essays for one grade right? Just an idea.
Anyways that is all for now.
Make my day better and follow me, its not begging if I’m not on my knees.


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