Vegetarian with a Chocolate Addiction

Vegetarian. Every time I tell my friends and family members I have gone into the dark side and become a vegetarian they shudder with disgust. Growing up in a diet of rice, beans, and all kinds of meats, most of them in a thick sauce or fried; I understand why they would find it hard to stop eating meat.

At first I decided I would mostly eat vegetables and fruits, but I soon realized that took too much time because I would have to juice at least twice a day and cleaning those machines is a pain. So then I was thinking of becoming a vegan, no animal products. But I had already bought organic eggs, and honestly eggs are good for you. The only thing I had really decided on was no meat. So I guess I had become a vegetarian, that tries not to eat cheese (which is not as easy because cheese goes with EVERYTHING). But anyways here I was doing good, trying to eat healthy, not eating meat, lots of fruits and veggies. But once a week without fail I would get this horrible craving. Chocolate. Anything chocolate would do:cold,hot,hard,liquid,ice cream,frosting,baked,boiled,broiled,frozen. Point is that I would go like an addict to my kitchen and then had to get something chocolate in my mouth. The thing is I would not get any joy from it afterwards, like any addict will tell you.

I have no idea how I am going to slow down my chocolate intake. It is really frustrating. But life goes on I guess. I will write about my update with chocolate soon.


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  1. LOL I have no suggestions for chocolate, but Daiya vegan cheese is a great substitute for the dairy (expensive, but so is good cheese). Highly recommend their shredded cheddar. Also, I’ve gotten to the point I really don’t even want cheese anymore, except on pizza. I would rather just have avocado. It’s creamy and buttery, melts into anything, goes great in salad, and is more nutritious than dairy (no cholesterol, for one thing).

    Vegetarian for about two and a half years, now a loose vegan.

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