Chapter 2

The night was dark, the darkest of nights. The one that is so inky black that you could slap your face with your own hand if you are not careful. Magdalena wasn’t scared of the dark. In fact she wasn’t scared of much in this world. Her body has resisted abuse, and her mind has blocked horrid words from the people in her life. As those commercials in t.v describe, she was a child that never had a chance.  She was born in poverty and was destined to die in poverty. But Magdalena had other ideas.

Chapter 2 My Momma did not Raise me Better than That.

The water felt weird on Magdalena’s finger. Its coldness felt both refreshing and chilling. The little scrapes on her hands felt a lot better with the water, but it did nothing for her. She knew the day was near. She would no longer be of any use to the people in her life. Yes, people because those people could never ever be considered family. Family loved, well at least that is what she has heard. Love seemed something foreign to her. Love what? What did love do? Lots of young women of the village talked about finding love or loving their man. Men said the word love with a scorn and frowning eyes. Seemed like a lot of reactions for one silly word.

Magdalena looked at her hand and utters “I will never love”.

Such strong words for such a young child. Later in life she will be tested on those words. But that’s in the future. Right now Magdalena believes on those words, and that is enough for you and me.

Magdalena walked back to the village picking random plants here and there, of all colors. Yellow,orange,red, and green.

That night brings us back to the beginning, where the darkness was eternal and the snoring woke Magdalena from her sleep.  Sitting up on her sleeping area that consists of things not to be named, she hears movement from outside. Something is moving the grass around with their feet.  Her heart speeds up, Baduum baduum, she crawls toward the entrance of the shack and ever so slowly peeks out the door.  The darkness doesn’t allow her to see anything. Her sense of panic kicks in. Go inside or go outside? Decisions decisions.


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