When You watch a show and…

So today I was watching this show which shows(good use of a word right there) how elite chooses their models through this contest. And during the commercial breaks I would find myself walking like a model, and posing, and having what Tyra likes to call “Fierce Eyes” thing on my look. And I figured that I am always doing this. Every time I watch a show I somehow think I am able to either sing,act, model, paint, and do a bunch of stuff which I am really not that awesome at.

Nobody should have to go through the pain of hearing me sing, I can’t memorize lines, I am not tall enough to be considered even a possible model, and my painting abilities are merely meh. So why is it that every time I see a show I get inspired to be those things? Are they created to do that? If they are those people suck. I try to be realistic about my life. But let’s me honest here. If I were given the change to meet the True Blood crew (Mostly the guy that plays Eric, without his shirt on I might add) or even Taylor Lautner (Who for some reason I think that I will meet one day, seriously I even had a dream where we were ballroom dancing and I decided to teach him how to dance salsa) I would go crazy and be happy and be crazily happy.

These shows kinda play with out feelings. I am happy that I feel this way for like thirty minutes. But then like any other high we have the downer afterwards. I begin feeling inadequate and unlucky which is untrue.

Am I alone in this weirdness?

If not make sure to tell me in the comments, I don’t want to feel like a freak now.

p.s soon I start college again so depressing post and stressed out post might start coming again. But really, I am not like that all the time, just when I get four hours of sleep for five days a week.


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