To Lose Communication does not Equal the End of the World

I know I haven’t written anything in awhile. Life happens.

I am happy to say that the person which I wrote my previous and most angry post about is officially considered just somebody I know.

I gave way too much attention and time to that friendship, to not receive even a call. So I decided to move on and enjoy my life. Even if I have to enjoy alone (That’s a lie, I have my family which are way more awesome). I feel happy, and awesome, and great, and inspired. That can also be because I’ve had my winter break and college is not killing my ability to be happy.

Today I arrived in my dorm and after organizing everything to my liking, I went and bought food, and also got myself some organic tea (which smells great). I made Herbal Iced Tea with natural apple juice and I can’t wait until it is cold enough to drink so I can taste my creation.

Overall, life is good because I decided for it to be good. You can do the same.

p.s my roommate’s family went out to eat and after getting back they are laughing really loud. I think they are drunk out of their mind. Or maybe overly happy about something.



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