Chapter 1

It was a time of change. The poor were hungry and lazy, dependent on the government. The government was lazy dependent on the poor’s need for assurance. The rich were greedy, dependent on the bribed government . The time called for sweat,bread, and blood. War was a given, because only war can bring peace to a nation. And  this nation was begging for peace, it would crawl on it’s need and beg for the peace that always seemed so very far away.  The people also begged for peace, for normality. The homes could not have peace because the nation did not have peace. Men would hit women, men would rape women, women would kill  men, and children would kill men and women, and kill other children.  Babies were ripped from their mother’s hand, to be sold to the tainted ones. This inhumane behavior would not go unpunished. Punishment will arrive in the palms of a girl, a girl who was victim of this society. Born to the selfish and greedy hands of the society, and raised to be a pawn used and toyed with by both men and women. Not yet a woman and had to behave like one, and think like one. This girl was named Magdalena, you might not recognize her name now. But soon everybody will know who she is and what she did. People will shout her name and compare it to the saint. Shouts of praise and envy will be shouted by the poor, shouts and anger will come from the rich, and shouts of murder will come from the government. Magdalena, wanted death or alive. Nevertheless, this Magdalena will stop at nothing to bring life back into her country. She just didn’t know it would bring life back to the world.

                                              Hay Magdalena, no llores como una Magdalena

“Magdalena get back here right now! Quien tu te crees que tu eres para salir sola?!” a man yelled from inside a small house made of tin (The walls were of tin, the roof of tin and even the table was made of tin).

A girl no older than ten runs from her game of tag and follows were his hand is pointing,

“I want you here right now!” the man was enraged. His face was red, a contrast to his dirty green shirt and dirty black beard.

Magdalena bows her head and sits on the floor. Her hands crossed and tears filling up her eyes.

“I never get to go out” she yells at him.

“And now your changes dropped a bunch descarada” he grabs her hair and pulls her up.

“Remember today we have some business you have to help me with” with this he pulls her towards the small bathroom that was next to her bed, a little rectangular object made of of flea infected hay.

“And clean up real good, we don’t want out guest smelling something nasty”.

Magdalena did as she is told. She knows better by now. Answering back will only get her in trouble. Trouble she did not want after the last whopping she received for telling him she didn’t want to clean up after him.

 Hay Magdalena, la vida no es facil.

Sorry this is so short. Writing long chapters is very difficult.


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