Out of the Dragon’s Den and Into the Lion’s Mouth


It all began with a scream, a woman’s scream. The scream was so loud and so full of pain, that the people who heard it mentally covered their ears, so they could block the pain of this woman. The doctor attending this woman was new to the field,he had only helped with two births before attending this one. His hands were bloodied and he had a look of hopelessness on his face. The woman kept screaming, but now her screams were full of agony and the misery of a person that knew their faith. She knew her body betrayed her, knew that something that was supposed to be natural to her body, was with each contraction creating irreparable damage. She knew this, the doctor knew this, and the man holding the gun to the doctor’s head knew this.

With a final push the baby came out of her mother’s safe-haven, the doctor held the baby and cut the umbilical cord that bonded mother and daughter. The mother cried out for her child, wishing to see her. But the doctor held the baby away and held it to the other man’s awaiting hands. The mother screamed, she wanted her baby! The stress only led to more bleeding and soon there was a small pool of blood surrounding the area of her vagina. The man backhanded the woman,she was giving him a headache and he could no longer stand her bloody screams. This did not matter to the woman, that was named Malory at birth. Malory knew her time was coming to an end,she just wanted to see her baby girl one last time.

“Please, just once. I want to touch my baby” she pleaded with the man. Her expression desperate, almost in craze.

The man looked at her,really looked at her and felt bad. he also knew she was dying and saw no harm in parting words. He handed the baby girl to Malory.

As Malory held the resting baby on her arms she felt cheated, cheated of life, of happiness, and of being able to see her baby grow up.

She held the baby close to her heath and whispered words that will forever be engraved within the girls brain.

Magdalena multum et noli oblivisci, si vis potens es.


At the end of the night a shot was heard, right next to a baby’s cry.


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