Irrational Anger

Sometimes you just feel like punching something, better yet someone. Now I am not saying violence is OK   because it is not. But sometimes it is normal and OK to feel anger and even feel like taking your anger out on something. I myself have felt this a few times in my life. I say few because this anger I am talking about is not your regular anger. This is real anger. The ones that bubbles up in your chest and it feels like molten lava burning the inside of your body and thoughts.

This anger is the ones that brings out the animal in you, where you actually growl as if you were a possessed demon, or an angry dog. You stop being rational and all you can think about is that one thing that brought you to that state. You think about it over and over again until your fist itch to hit something, take that pent up energy out of your body so you can finally feel a little peace, at least physically.

This anger is the one that makes you feel invincible. You can do nothing wrong. All the things you never had can be yours if you stay angry enough. But you know you can’t stay angry that long, is not healthy, and even less with this mind consuming anger that will cause more harm than good.

At the end of this anger you can’t take it no more and with your fist you hit something,hard. You break it,create a dent, make it trash; Yet you don’t feel pain because it was all done in irrational anger. This moment will stay within the confinements of your mind and will only get out whenever you feel that anger again. There is no physical evidence to this, at least none that matters. Sure, you might feel a little bad that your favorite t.v is now on the floor broken, but deep inside the relief of that anger is so great, that it won’t really matter.



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