Living on Your Own

It’s been a few months since I moved away from home and began living the university life with two other roommates.  I could not wait to get away from home, and the new dorm seemed really nice. Nothing like playing barbie in your own little barbie house ehh? Decorating however you want it, and not having any authority over you. It was all great…until my roommates began getting on my nerves.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to me that my roommates began getting on my nerves. I knew that living with two other girls was going to be a pain. Too many opinions and too many hormonal rages. But I did not know how annoying and awkward it could really be.

Ain’t that the truth.

I believe(And this could change with each person’s perspective in the situation) that I am the mommy of the group. I have all the annoying responsibility  not the cool responsibility where I can boss them around and do whatever I want, but I am actually the one getting bossed around. Like what the freak man.

I am the one cleaning the disgusting bathroom, having to pick one of them up because she can’t drive, and buying the real food (eggs,milk,bread,etc.) and finding that even though I am spending my money on it, I am not the one eating most of it.

My barbie house has turned into a barbie economic nightmare. I am spending more money than I should instead of spending my fair share. I really want to live on my own now. No roommates. Maybe next year.

Now I am going to go study for chemistry. How can something I love be so difficult I wonder? Oxidation and heat transfer, Why?!


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