Time and the Roles of Men

It is something common in today’s society to see families composed of single mothers. I am not sure what has created this dramatic turn of events in the structures of families. Maybe its the fact that women are more independent, or that men are a lot lazier and irresponsible. I am not writing to discuss how broken families affect the lives of children, there are enough articles of that subject with a lot more facts and evidence that I can ever provide. But I am willing to discuss what has created this tragic turn of events. I myself have come from a broken family with enough problems to create an American soap opera, you know,like the ones that never end. I’ve seen my share of both dependent women and independent women, the ones that prefer to stay at home and cook because they don’t like choosing anything, and the ones that prefer eating out and working late hours so they won’t have to be home to cook and clean. I like to think myself as a mixture of both. I have a independent, verging on feminism view of life, while I still like my house to be clean, and I prefer a home cooked meal by my hands than spending money on food that is not good for me. Maybe that is because my mother, who is a stay at home mom, always told me that I should know how to cook and clean; but she has also taught me not to be dependent on men, not just because I should be my own person, but because I DESERVE better. Now, I am not saying all men are bad. That would be a ridiculous statement based on a limited experience with men. But I can’t help but notice a lot of men don’t see independent women as desirable, yet they get lazier by the decade.

In the early 1900’s men would go out and work to feed their families.  They took responsibility once they got a woman pregnant, because they understood that it takes two to make a baby.  But I don’t understand what has happened to the view of men. Maybe they see more independent women and they think they can get away with having the love of a child and the opportunity to brag about said child, but without helping in any way or form in their uprising, not even the financial help; which is mandatory, but most men don’t seem to understand that.

I recently read this play M. Butterfly. And I was so shocked by it. Not because it had scandalous scenes with nudity and all the naughty things people enjoy reading about, but because it really opened the mind of men. A man wants a docile woman. One that does not complain and likes to submit to the masculinity that you as a man naturally have. According to the play,a man wants a woman who worships him. A woman that won’t say anything about lipstick stains on your shirt, or the fact that you boss her around at every turn. You as a reader, reading my small sophisticated rants, should definitely read that play. I recommend it.

So I guess that’s it, that’s the reason men today don’t stay with their family. It is the fact that they have ideas based on the past, yet want the privilege of the present where women are the providers. Instead of a reversed role, they don’t want a role, they just want an experience. Sometimes I compare men to babies. Which I admit it is wrong of me and probably the reason why I am still single, which is fine with me, college takes enough of my time as it is. But again to my comparing men to babies. Men always need attention. Once a woman stops giving them everything they want, they move on to another woman, most of the time without breaking the previous relationship. They say it is not their fault they have a second head that controls them. If only women had a similar excuse, right?

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