Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dark Night Turns into Morning

I am sure as of today nobody has read my latest post “Shut Up…I’m Talking”, And that’s fine. I write these post so I can express all the emotions and craziness that goes through my mind. If anybody reads it and benefits from it, then that’s all the better I guess. Plus I want to practice writing […]

Shut Up…I’m Talking

There comes a time in a person’s life when enough is enough, when you can no longer hold everything in and want to scream at people so they have to listen. I am at that moment in my life. Living on my own with two other females,in the university life where there are thousands of […]

Time and the Roles of Men

It is something common in today’s society to see families composed of single mothers. I am not sure what has created this dramatic turn of events in the structures of families. Maybe its the fact that women are more independent, or that men are a lot lazier and irresponsible. I am not writing to discuss how […]

Unwanted Necesities

It is a fact of life that at one point of your life you will meet a person that you will unlike. Maybe its their hair color, the way they don’t close their mouth when they eat, or maybe it  gets as complex as their personality deficiency. Nevertheless, you as a human being have to […]